Our Beginning

In December, 2017, a local attorney reached out to the Charlottesville-area Immigrant Resource and Advocacy Coalition (CIRAC) on behalf of her client, Eduardo*, who has lived and worked in Charlottesville for a decade. He had been stopped on Route 20 South and arrested for driving without a license. Upon completing his sentence, Eduardo was picked up by ICE when staff at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail notified them of his release. Eduardo was taken to the Farmville Detention Center and then moved to Texas.

  • His bond was set at $10,000.

  • His family was deprived of his income.

  • His two-year old refused to eat.

  • His attorney was representing Eduardo by phone.

  • His family was ready to get a bond loan from Libre de Nexus, a private bond company that charges exorbitant fees and insists on ankle monitoring.

CIRAC members were able to bond Eduardo out. 

  • Eduardo is home.

  • He is back at work.

  • His son is eating again.

  • He can meet with his attorney in person.

  • His next immigration hearing is set for 2019.

If Eduardo is deported, his children may never see him again. They do not have Guatemalan passports and it is unlikely that Eduardo would survive a return to his homeland.


Eduardo is not alone. He is one of 24-40 individuals annually whose local arrest for a minor crime places them directly into the deportation pipeline.

The Cville Immigrant Bond Fund emerged from CIRAC’s work with Eduardo.

*This is a true story that masks identifiers to preserve confidentiality.